About us

Welcome to the nursery site page ‘Vita Griff.’ We are located in the Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk. Kennel ‘Vita Griff’ is engaged in professional breeding Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon and Petit Brabancon. Certificate FCI / RKF registration number 14663

I never thought that my desire to get a dog, will become a real passion. One day I was looking through ads, and is not looking for Griffon. I was looking for a pug. But somehow magically, my attention was drawn to photography Petit Brabant. I was charmed by the muzzle of the dog. They look like monkeys. And I began to look for Brabant.

vita-griff-brabancon pti-brabancon   Elotta

My first dog was a girl Petit Brabant red color Elka. She quickly mastered and become a full-fledged member of the family. And today, she is still with us, she went to the ninth year. We became a little Brabant. We contracted grifonomaniey. I could give you dozens of stories, when people bought Griffon, and after some time acquire their second, third and so on, dog Griffon or Brabant. Careful, it’s contagious! 😀

Gradually our dog pack began to grow. Thus was born the kennel ‘Vita Griff’

I’m sure Griffons will not leave you indifferent! It’s not just a dog, it’s the little men. They are very smart and clever. All caught on the fly. Devotees owner, his big heart!

My passion for dogs, gave me a lot of new friends, as enthusiastic Griffon. On the pages of my site, I will tell about your cattery and our community griffonistov.

Thanks to my dogs I got new knowledge, such as – the basis of handling, grooming Griffons. And also, I was engaged in the creation of sites for nurseries.

My dogs regularly visit exhibitions and win prizes. Each puppy born in my house receives the utmost care and attention from the very first minutes of life.